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Corporate Account

Where is Therme București?
Therme București is located just outside Bucharest, on DN1 national road, in Balotești. See the map
How do I get to Therme?
R442 STB busses will follow the next route:
- Towards „Therme București”: „Piaţa Presei Libere”, Bd. Mărăşti, Şos. București-Ploiești, DN1, Otopeni, Calea Bucureştilor, bucla capătul de linie „Otopeni”, DN1, Baloteşti, Calea Bucureşti, „Therme Bucureşti”;
- Towards „Piața Presei”: „Therme Bucureşti”, Calea Bucureşti, DN1, Complex Comercial DN1 Value Center, DN1, Otopeni, DN1, Şos. București-Ploiești, Bd. Mărăşti, „Piaţa Presei Libere”.
R442's schedule can be accessed by using the following link: website.
How do I create an account?
Please access the website , section "Request an account" and enter the company's Unique Registration Code. The data will be validated according to this.
Can I create more accounts with the same name?
You can create multiple accounts with the same name, but for different companies. This is available for those employed by several companies.
I filled in the Invoice with the data. Can I modify the Invoice?
If the order is already completed, the change in the invoice data can only be done by reversing the original invoice and issuing a new invoice. The invoice can only be rectified in the same month.
To request a re-invoice, please send an email together with a copy of the invoice to be modified (or at least the number and date of the invoice). Please specify the correct billing information in the email. You will receive the corrected invoice within 5 working days.
Why should I create a corporate account?
You will make purchases much easier, your data will already be saved in your account. You will be able to pay with the company's card as many vouchers as you want, in a single purchase. You will electronically be able to manage all purchased vouchers. You will benefit from Therme Corporate offers specially designed for you and your colleagues.
Can I purchase other services from my corporate account?
From the corporate account you can purchase entry vouchers, gift cards or value cards. The services offered in the Therme complex can be paid with gift cards or value cards, but access to them cannot be reserved or purchased from the corporate account.
Can I organize a corporate party at Therme?
We can organize corporate parties for you and your colleagues. Please contact us by email
What benefits do you have for bigger groups?
From your corporate account you will be able to purchase vouchers for all members of the group. Depending on the period of the visit, the allocated budget and the desired services, we can provide certain facilities. Please send us an email
Can I make a purchase without creating an account?
Purchases can only be made after creating a Corporate account.
Can I change the entry date on an activated ticket?
If you have already selected the date when you want to visit us, you have 24 hours to change it.
Do the beneficiaries have priority access?
Holders of online vouchers / cards / tickets have priority using boxes 1 and 2.
Can I present the ticket in electronic format or is it necessary to have it in physical format?
You can also present the ticket / voucher in electronic format.
Can I add another product after I’ve completed my order?
You can add a new product, and that involves a new order, a new invoice.
Can the beneficiaries reserve sunbeds in advance based on the entrance ticket?
The ticket / voucher does not include the sunbed, this can only be occupied within the available seats on the day of your visit.